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DNA copy number calculator

A good resource to calculate copy number for a strand of DNA is found here:

Based on knowledge of sequence length (nucleotides; nt) this tool can help you dilute your DNA to a certain copy number (molecules) per uL.

This tool asks for the molar mass per base pair of your DNA fragment. Duewer et al. 2018 has a great explanation for the variation in mean values for nucleotides.

I want to know the exact concentration of copies/uL I have in my standard solutions to develop a dilution curve for qPCR. I want to know the lowest concentration of copies/uL I have an accurate reading.

  1. work under controlled conditions

  2. small vials no bigger than 100uL

  3. 1uL lowest pipettor without having error in the process of pipetting

  4. Do dilutions in multiples triplicates up to x18.

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